Web Experience Management encompasses Liferay’s features and tools for building Sites and creating content. Many of these, like Web Content Management and Page Templates, are graphical tools used by administrators and marketers. Others, like Page Fragments, let web developers to flex their muscles in content creation. These tutorials cover where web development intersects with user experience and how to use Liferay’s Web Experience frameworks to integrate custom applications into Liferay Portal.

Specifically, you’ll learn about

  • Developing Fragments

  • Screen Navigation

Developing Page Fragments

The goal of Page Fragments is to take a mock-up design and realize it on a web page as accurately as possible. To do this, developers are given a space where they have a “blank slate.” You have...

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Screen Navigation Framework

The Screen Navigation Framework is for customizing and extending application UIs. You can use it to make Liferay’s applications your own and to make your applications customizable by others. To...

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