Front-end development involves multiple frameworks and tools. Keeping track of all the moving pieces in your project can be a daunting task. This section of reference docs provides the following helpful information for front-end development:

CKEditor Plugin Reference Guide

This reference guide provides a list of the default CKEditor plugins bundled with Liferay Portal’s AlloyEditor. You can use these existing CKEditor plugins in your custom AlloyEditor...


AlloyEditor Button Reference Guide

This reference guide provides additional information that you may find helpful while creating new buttons for AlloyEditor. In this guide provides useful information on the following topics: Mixins...


Fully Qualified Portlet IDs

Below is a listing of the portlet IDs for the default portlets in Liferay Portal. You can use these IDs to embed portlets in your theme’s sitemap. Collaboration Portlet ID Blogs...


FreeMarker Taglib Macros

Liferay Portal’s taglibs are mapped to FreeMarker macros, so you can use them in your FreeMarker templates. See the Taglib tutorials for more information on using each taglib in your theme...



The liferay-npm-bundler is a bundler (like Webpack or Browserify ) that targets Liferay Portal as a platform and assumes you’re using your npm packages from portlets (as opposed to typical web...

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