Liferay’s development framework provides an application security platform that’s got years of experience behind it. You don’t need to roll your own security for your applications. Instead, you can specify security for your applications using Liferay’s framework.

Beyond security for applications, there are many ways to extend the default security model by customizing the authentication process. This group of tutorials teaches you about them:

  • Resources, Roles, and Permissions
  • Custom SSO Providers
  • Authentication Pipelines
  • Service Access Policies
  • Authentication Verifiers

Defining Application Permissions

When you’re writing an application, there are almost always parts of the application or its data that should be protected by permissions. Some users should access all the functions or data, but...


Authentication Pipelines

The authentication process is a pipeline through which users can be validated by one or several systems. As a developer, you can authenticate users to anything you wish, rather than be limited by...


Service Access Policies

Service access policies provide web service security beyond user authentication to remote services. Together with permissions, service access policies limit remote service access by remote client...

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