Use the workflow framework to run assets through a business process that suit your organization’s needs. Workflow processes are created using XML or via the handy Kaleo Designer tool that comes with DE subscriptions.


Figure 1: If you don’t like XML, the visual Kaleo Designer makes designing workflows easy and intuitive.

This set of tutorials delves into the following workflow framework topics:

  • Creating Workflow Definitions (using XML)
  • Enabling Assets for Workflow
  • Creating Workflow Engine Adapters

To manage workflow definitions and define their assignment schemes, check out the workflow section of the administrator documentation(not yet written).

Liferay’s Workflow Framework

Enabling your application’s entities to support workflow is so easy, you could do it in your sleep (but don’t try). Workflow-enabled entities require two things: A workflow handler class to...


Crafting XML Workflow Definitions

You don’t need a fancy visual designer to build workflows. To be clear, Kaleo Designer may make you a faster workflow designer through its graphical interface. If you plan to build lots of workflow...

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