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Liferay Portal provides a robust script engine that can be used to execute scripts in a variety of languages. Liferay Portal’s script engine was originally developed to allow developers to write portlets in languages other than Java such as PHP, Groovy, Ruby, and Python. Since then, the script engine has been extended to do much more. For example, when Liferay Portal’s workflow framework was introduced, the script engine was leveraged to support the execution of scripts from within a workflow module. Liferay Portal now provides a script console in the Server Administration area of the Control Panel. The script console provides an easy way for system administrators to execute scripts to perform repetitive user maintenance operations, bulk invocations of Liferay’s API, or even system level operations.

The tutorials in this section explain how to use Liferay’s script engine and script console. They cover the following topics:

  • Invoking Liferay’s API from a script

  • Running scripts from the script console

  • Using the script engine with workflow

  • Leveraging custom Java tools in the script engine

Invoking Liferay’s API is probably the most common task for which you’ll want to run a script. If you have any familiarity with Liferay’s API, this will be very easy for you. To access Liferay’s scripting console, navigate to the Control Panel, click on Server Administration under the System heading, then click on the Script tab.

Important: Liferay’s script engine supports the following languages: Beanshell, JavaScript, Groovy, Python, and Ruby. In previous versions of Liferay, these languages were all available by default. Beginning with Liferay 7, only Groovy is available by default. The other languages are still supported; you just have to install the appropriate modules. These are the available modules:

  • portal-scripting-groovy (installed by default)
  • portal-scripting-beanshell (available from Liferay Marketplace)
  • portal-scripting-javascript (available from Liferay Marketplace)
  • portal-scripting-python (available from Liferay Marketplace)
  • portal-scripting-ruby (available from Liferay Marketplace)

All of these modules are freely available on Liferay Marketplace.

Invoking Liferay Services From Scripts

Many scripting scenarios require invoking Liferay Portal’s services. To illustrate the correct syntax for interacting with Liferay services, consider a simple example that uses the UserLocalService...


Running Scripts From the Script Console

To see a very simple example of the script console in action, log into the portal as an administrator and navigate to the Control Panel → Server Administration area of the Control Panel. Then click...


Leveraging the Script Engine in Workflow

Liferay’s Kaleo workflow engine provides a robust system for reviewing and approving content in an enterprise environment. Even if you don’t leverage custom scripts, it’s a powerful and robust...

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