How to Participate in the Liferay Community

Welcome to the tour! The following slides explain how to participate in Liferay’s open source community. There are many ways to participate -- even for beginners! We welcome everyone, and look forward to seeing you in the community!

Why should I participate?

  • Build your online reputation.
  • Learn how large-scale open source works.
  • Make your job easier by making Liferay better.
  • Feel good knowing you’re contributing to the greater good.

Still need convincing? Check out some of these stories.

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Go To Our Events

Learn how others like you are using Liferay and improve your own knowledge from the local Liferay community by attending an upcoming event near you. 

Use the forums

Our forum is a global melting pot of experts and newbies. Ask questions, find answers, or build your Liferay reputation and share your knowledge!

Suggest an improvement to the docs

Find some docs that need improving, and click Edit on Github to submit your improvement. It takes only a few minutes, is super easy, and feels good!

Suggest a feature for Liferay

Record your amazing ideas and you just might see them turned into reality!

Become a Liferay Expert

When you're ready, take it to the next level in our community with these slightly more challenging activities! Liferay’s community: in every culture, continent and country.
  • Join the Translation Team and help improve Liferay's reach into new cultures and languages.
  • If you find bugs or other things in Liferay, help to improve it by reporting a bug.
  • Develop an amazing new app and get it in front of Liferay's 500,000 deployments at the Liferay Marketplace
  • Get down and nerdy with Liferay itself. Contribute to our open source projects and reward yourself and others! Check out Liferay Portal, Alloy UI, Mobile SDK, and more!

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