The Theme sample provides the base files for a theme, using the Theme Builder Gradle plugin.

When deploying this sample with no customizations, a theme based off of the _styled base theme is created. For more information on themes, visit the Introduction to Themes tutorial.


Figure 1: A theme based off of the Styled base theme is created when the Theme Blade sample is deployed to Liferay Portal.

To modify this sample, add the images, js, or templates directory, along with your modified files, to the src/main/webapp directory. The sample already provides the src/main/resources/resources-importer, src/main/webapp/WEB-INF, and src/main/webapp/css directories for you. Add your style modifications to the provided css/_custom.scss file. For a complete explanation of a theme’s files, see the Theme Reference Guide.

Where Is This Sample?

There are three different versions of this sample, each built with a different build tool:

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