Embedding Widgets in Page Fragments

You can embed both a selection of Liferay widgets and your own custom widgets in Page Fragments. For a more information on embedding custom widgets, see the Fragment Specific Tags tutorial.

Embedding Liferay Widgets

Many Liferay widgets can be embedded in Page Fragments. Each embeddable widget has a specific tag for use in fragments which looks like <lfr-widget-[widget-name]>. When you embed the widget, the complete opening and closing tags must be used like this:


Here is the full list of widgets that can be embedded:

Widget Name Tag
DDL Display <lfr-widget-dynamic-data-list>
Form <lfr-widget-form>
Asset Publisher <lfr-widget-asset-list>
Breadcrumb <lfr-widget-breadcrumb>
Categories Navigation <lfr-widget-categories-nav>
Flash <lfr-widget-flash>
Media Gallery <lfr-widget-media-gallery>
Navigation Menu <lfr-widget-nav>
Polls Display <lfr-widget-polls>
Related Assets <lfr-widget-related-assets>
Site Map <lfr-widget-site-map>
Tag Cloud <lfr-widget-tag-cloud>
Tags Navigation <lfr-widget-tags-nav>
Web Content Display <lfr-widget-web-content>
Rss Publisher (Deprecated) <lfr-widget-rss>
Iframe <lfr-widget-iframe>
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