This section focuses on Liferay sample extensions. You can view these sample extensions by visiting the extensions folder corresponding to your preferred build tool:

Visit a particular sample page to learn more!

Control Menu Entry

The Control Menu Entry sample provides a customizable button that is added to Liferay Portal’s default Control Menu. When deploying this sample with no customizations, an additional button is added...

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Document Action

The Document Action sample shows how to add a context menu option to an entry in the Documents and Media portlet. When deploying this sample with no customizations, an additional menu option is...

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Gogo Shell Command

The Gogo Shell Command sample demonstrates adding a custom command to Liferay Portal’s Gogo shell environment. All Liferay Portal installations have a Gogo shell environment, which lets system...

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Index Settings Contributor

The Index Settings Contributor sample demonstrates how to add a custom type mapping to Liferay Portal. You can demo this sample by completing the following steps: Navigate to the Control Panel →...

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Indexer Post Processor

The Indexer Post Processor sample demonstrates using the IndexerPostProcessor interface, which is provided to customize search queries and documents before they’re sent to the search engine, and/or...

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Model Listener

The Model Listener sample demonstrates adding a custom model listener to a Liferay Portal out-of-the-box entity. When deploying this sample with no customizations, a custom model listener is added...

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Screen Name Validator

The Screen Name Validator sample provides a way to validate a user’s inputted screen name. During validation, the screen name is tested client-side and server-side. This sample checks if a user’s...

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The Servlet sample provides an OSGi Whiteboard Servlet in Liferay Portal. When deploying this sample and configuring the servlet, a Hello World message is displayed when accessing the servlet page...

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