The Liferay Marketplace is an exciting new hub for sharing, browsing and downloading Liferay-compatible applications. As enterprises look for ways to build and enhance their existing platforms, developers and software vendors are searching for new avenues to reach this market. Marketplace leverages the entire Liferay ecosystem to release and share apps in a user-friendly, one-stop site.

This chapter covers topics related to developing for the Liferay Marketplace, including:

  • Marketplace Basics
  • Requirements for Publishing to the Marketplace
  • Developing and Testing apps for the Marketplace
  • Publishing apps to the Marketplace
  • Maintaining and Updating apps
  • Tracking app Performance

This chapter focuses on the topics of interest to a Liferay developer. It is highly recommended that you first read the Liferay Marketplace chapter of Using Liferay Portal, where you will find detailed information about the Marketplace from an end user’s perspective.

Marketplace basics

Before diving into the details of developing for the Marketplace, it is important to have a good grasp of new concepts introduced in the Marketplace. The following list of questions will help in...

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Developing and publishing apps

Let’s jump right in with an example. In this section, we’ll walk you through the creation and publication steps (but we won’t actually publish the app on the Marketplace, since this example app...

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Making changes to published apps

After your app is published and approved, you will undoubtedly need to make one or more of these kinds of changes during the life of the app: Editing your app details (e.g. description, icon, etc)...

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Tracking app performance

One of the main reasons for developing and publishing apps into the Marketplace is to drive downloads and adoption of your app. The Marketplace enables you, as the developer of your app, to get...

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In this chapter we introduced concepts and instructions for developers to make their apps available on the Liferay Marketplace. We looked at how to create, publish, maintain, and track apps. You do...

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