Adding a JSF Portlet to the Control Panel

Up to this point, you’ve created a fully-functional, data-driven JSF application using Service Builder. You’ve also created managed beans and JSF views to enhance your portlet’s functionality and UI experience. Lastly, you’ve implemented a permissions scheme using wrapper classes, and then created action buttons to take advantage of those permissions.

However, you’re missing some functionality. You have no way to delete guestbooks. There’s also no way to edit them or configure a guestbook’s permissions. You’ll add this functionality to your Guestbook portlet by creating a new portlet in your portlet project that can be accessed through the Control Panel. This will be used by administrators to add, delete, modify, and control permissions of guestbooks that are displayed in your JSF Guestbook portlet.


Figure 1: In this learning path, you’ll migrate your administrative guestbook functionalities to a new Guestbook Admin portlet.

After this learning path, adding, editing, deleting, and controlling permissions of guestbook entities will all be available exclusively from the new Guestbook Admin portlet in the Control Panel.

Creating an Admin JSF Portlet

Similar to what you completed when creating your Guestbook portlet, you’ll complete similar steps to create the Guestbook Admin portlet. You’ll use the New Liferay Portlet wizard, which creates...

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Updating Your JSF Application’s Service Layer

Just as you did in a previous JSF learning path on Adding Permissions Resources to the Service Layer, you’ll need to add a service method in your GuestbookLocalServiceImpl class. The new service...

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Defining Portlet Actions and Permissions

Now that your Guestbook Admin portlet has the appropriate service methods, you’ll now add portlet actions and permissions to your portlet. The action methods will be used by each of your action...

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Creating Your JSF Application’s User Interface

All of the Guestbook Admin portlet’s back-end code is developed; the only thing left to do is create the portlet’s user interface. The default view should have a button for adding new guestbooks,...

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