Approving Content with Workflow

In any application that accepts user created content, it’s important to have an approval process for publishing that content. Review and approval might be necessary for a number of reasons:

  • Preventing the posting of illegal data
  • Ensuring that no objectionable content is published, such as profanity, images, or any other violation of the terms of use
  • Protecting the quality of published content

This Learning Path instructs the reader in workflow-enabling the Guestbook App’s Guestbook and Entry entities to ensure that only approved content is published after review.


Figure 1: Your custom entities can be workflow enabled, just like the core portal’s entities.

Implementing Workflow Handlers

In this section you’ll learn to implement workflow handlers. Workflow handlers are fairly simple classes that interact with both the portal’s workflow classes and your service layer (by calling...

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Enabling Workflow at the Service Layer

In the Learning Path on assets, you learned that asset enabled entities are added to the AssetEntry table. There’s no special table for workflow entities, but there are some additional database...

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Displaying Approved Workflow Items

To display only approved entities, you’ll add a new finder, then a getter that uses it in your service layer. The new methods will serve the purpose of getting only entities with the proper...

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