So far, you’ve created a Guestbook application that uses a database to store its entries. This application is integrated with Liferay’s permissions mechanism, allowing you to control who has access to different parts of your application. But what about managing the entries themselves? So far, there’s no way to modify, delete, or set permissions on individual guestbook entries.

In this learning path, you’ll learn how to use more features of many of the concepts you’ve already been introduced to. You’ll create new portlet actions for updating guestbook entries, deleting entries, and setting permissions for entries, along with the user interface elements to trigger them. In this way, you’ll give your users total control over their own guestbook entries.


Figure 1: You’ll add actions for managing guestbook entries in this learning path.

Modifying Your Service Layer

You want to add three new functions to your portlet: modifying guestbook entries, deleting guestbook entries, and setting permissions for guestbook entries. Only two out of the three of these...

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Adding Actions to Your Controller

Remember that the controller layer of your application is like a traffic director. The user tells your application what he or she wants to do, and the controller calls the business logic that does...

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Creating Action Buttons

Your final task is to create the user interface elements that give users access to the functions you just created in both your controller and your service layer. A common way to do this in Liferay,...

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