Creating Web Services for Your Application

In this learning path, you’ll use Service Builder to create remote web services for the Guestbook application. When you’re finished, authorized clients, such as mobile devices, will be able to consume your application’s web services. This means that mobile application developers will be able to create apps which can interact with your application. For example, Android or iOS developers could create Guestbook apps which allow users to view and add entries to your Guestbook application from their smartphones or tablets.

Read on to learn how to create consumable services for your Liferay applications.

Creating Remote Services with Service Builder

In an earlier learning path, you used Service Builder to generate the model, persistence, and service layers of your application. The services generated by Service Builder come in two flavors:...

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Implementing Permission Checks

Now that your guestbook and guestbook entry web services are up and running, it’s time to implement permission checks for them. Implementing permission checks for a web service ensures that only...

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