Creating Your JSF Application’s Entity Actions

To this point, you’ve created a JSF guestbook application that uses a database to store its entries. Also, the application is integrated with Liferay’s permissions mechanism, allowing you to control who can access different parts of the portlet. But what about managing the guestbook entries themselves? There is currently no way to edit, delete, or set permissions on individual entries.

In this learning path, you’ll create portlet actions to edit entries, set permissions for entries, and delete entries. You’ll use many of the same concepts you’ve already been introduced to, like adding action methods to a managed bean and adding buttons that trigger those methods using a JSF view.


Figure 1: In this learning path, you’ll add the Edit, Permissions, and Delete buttons for your Entry entities.

In this learning path, you’ll only create entity actions for your guestbook entries. The same will be done for your guestbooks, but will be completed later in the Adding a JSF Portlet to the Control Panel learning path.

By providing entity actions, your users possess complete control over the entries they create.

Modifying Your Service Layer for Entity Actions

Just as you did in the previous learning path on setting permissions, you’ll need to modify your service layer. Your current Guestbook portlet is only allowed to add entries and their resources,...

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Adding Actions to Your Managed Beans

Just as you added action methods in the Creating Managed Beans to Use Services learning path, you’ll do the same for creating action methods for your action buttons. You’ll need to add methods that...

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Creating Your JSF Application’s Action Buttons

Now that you have the power to edit and delete entries, and also control their permissions, it’s time to expose those capabilities to your users through your JSF views. This will be a similar...

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Adding Permissions to Your Action Buttons

Recall from the previous learning path when you created wrapper classes to hold permissions methods. You also updated your managed beans to call those wrapped entities. By doing this, the guestbook...

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