As much as Java is used throughout Liferay’s back-end data layer, JavaScript is used throughout its presentation layer. Liferay uses JavaScript to implement responsive control logic and provide powerful UI components, and the scripts leverage Liferay’s component-rich JavaScript library AlloyUI.

Liferay’s JavaScript follows the Module Pattern to encapsulate data and functionality. It makes available its modules via the Liferay global object. The Liferay object is loaded automatically at runtime and is available throughout the portal, its theme, and all portal plugins. It includes a myriad of sub-objects that are chock-full of useful methods. Read on to find out more how you can take advantage of Liferay’s JavaScript objects.

Getting Browser and Platform Details in JavaScript

As you design apps, you have to consider the user’s browser and platform. Often, you find that you must tailor an app’s UI to the features and limitations of user environments. You might, for...

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Getting IDs, Paths, and Sign-in Details in JavaScript

In Java, developers are used to being able to find lots of context information at runtime. You can learn about what user is browsing your application, what page it’s on, what site it’s in, and lots...

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