Liferay Faces Portal UI Components

Liferay Faces Portal is a .jar file that you add as a dependency in your JSF portlet project to leverage Liferay Portal’s JSP components in JSF. Liferay Faces Portal provides a way to use liferay-security and liferay-ui JSP components in a typical JSF development fashion. It provides a set of Facelet UIComponent tags as part of its component suite.

For listings, demos, and code examples of Liferay Faces Portal components, check out the Liferay Faces Showcase.

The Liferay Faces Portal project home page can be found at

Because Liferay Faces has several active versions (targeting different versions of JSF, Liferay Portal, etc.), there are several versions of the project’s View Declaration Language (VDL) documentation for these tags:

Liferay Faces 4.2:

Liferay Faces 3.2:

Liferay Faces 3.1:

Liferay Faces 3.0:

Liferay Faces 3.0-legacy:

Deprecated/Removed Tags

The following tags have been deprecated in the Liferay Faces Portal 3.2.5-ga6 release and removed in the Liferay Faces Portal 4.2.5-ga6 release:

Deprecated/Removed Portal (liferay-security, liferay-ui, and liferay-util) Tag Replacement Tag
liferay-security:permissionsURL portal:permissionsURL
liferay-ui:captcha portal:captcha
liferay-ui:ice-info-data-paginator No replacement available
liferay-ui:ice-nav-data-paginator No replacement available
liferay-ui:ice-page-iterator No replacement available
liferay-ui:icon-menu No replacement available
liferay-ui:icon No replacement available
liferay-ui:info alloy:outputText or h:outputText
liferay-ui:input-editor portal:inputRichText
liferay-ui:message alloy:outputText or h:outputText
liferay-ui:panel alloy:panel
liferay-ui:panel-container alloy:panelGroup or h:panelGroup
liferay-ui:portlet-toolbar alloy:panelGroup or h:panelGroup
liferay-ui:separator alloy:panelGroup or h:panelGroup
liferay-ui:toolbar-button alloy:panelGroup or h:panelGroup
liferay-util:validateCaptcha Validation is automatically built-in to portal:captcha
liferay-util:validateRichTextLength Validation is automatically built-in to portal:inputRichText

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