Developing Plugins with Liferay IDE

The best Liferay-specific development tool is Liferay IDE, a fully featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on Eclipse. Even if you’re a grizzled veteran Java developer, consider using Liferay IDE when you’re doing a lot of development for your Liferay Portal instance. When Liferay IDE is paired with the Plugins SDK or Maven and a Liferay runtime environment, you have a one stop development environment where you can develop your Liferay plugins, build them, and deploy them to your Liferay instance.

Liferay IDE is an extension for Eclipse IDE and supports development of plugin projects for the Liferay Portal platform. You can install Liferay IDE bundled with Eclipse or as a set of Eclipse plugins from an update site. The latest version of Liferay IDE supports development of portlets, hooks, layout templates, themes, and Ext plugins. To use Liferay IDE, you need the Eclipse Java EE developer package using Indigo or a later version. You can read the learning path article Developing Applications with Liferay IDE for instructions on installing and setting up Liferay IDE.

In this section’s tutorials you’ll learn how to set up projects for your applications and deploy them to your portal.

Creating Projects Using the New Project Wizard

If you want to create new plugin projects for Liferay Portal, then Liferay IDE is your new best friend. The New Project Wizard in Liferay IDE/Developer Studio guides you through the process of...

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Importing Projects from a Plugins SDK

Do you want to import one or more Liferay projects into your Liferay IDE workspace from a Liferay Plugins SDK? Liferay IDE makes it easy. Don’t worry if the projects already contain .project or...

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Converting Eclipse Projects into Liferay IDE Projects

Liferay IDE lets you import non-Liferay projects in your Eclipse workspace (i.e., you can see them in Eclipse’s Project Explorer) and convert them to Liferay projects. This tutorial shows the steps...

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Faceting a Plugin Project for Liferay IDE

When you drag your plugin project onto your Liferay server in Liferay IDE, is the plugin not deploying? Is there no “L” overlay image on your project’s icon in the Package Explorer? These are...

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Verifying Successful Project Import

Once you’ve imported a project, you can verify that Liferay IDE correctly recognizes it as a Liferay project. Here’s how you verify that your project imported correctly as a Liferay project: Once...

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Enabling Code Assist Features in Your Project

Liferay IDE’s integration of Tern provides many valuable front-end and back-end development tools for code inference and completion. This tutorial covers how to enable Tern features for your...

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Using Front-End Development Code Assist Features in IDE

Since IDE 2.2, front-end development has become a much smoother process. You now have access to code inferencing and code completion features for AlloyUI, JavaScript, CSS, and jQuery. This tutorial...

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