User Interfaces with the Liferay UI Taglib

Liferay UI is a set of taglibs that are fully integrated with Liferay Portal. They provide powerful UI tags that implement commonly used UI components. They’re built on AlloyUI to give your customers a terrific user experience that is stylish and responsive.

Using Liferay UI Tabs and Sections

Using tabs is a good way to keep your portlet’s UI clean and organized. Liferay’s liferay-ui tag library provides simple, easy-to-use tags to implement tabs in your UI. By using the liferay-ui:tabs...

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Using liferay-ui:success and liferay-ui:error Messages

As users perform different actions in your portlet, it’s helpful for them to get feedback as to whether the portlet’s actions are succeeding or failing. For example, on completing an action...

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Using Icons with the liferay-ui Taglib

By using meaningful graphics as icons, you can draw your users’ attention toward important parts of your portlet. Using icons also enhances your portlet’s design. Think of it as wrapping your...

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Creating a Navigation Menu With the Liferay UI Icon Menu Tag

Liferay contains some standard navigation elements that are used throughout its interface. You can use the same elements, because they are encapsulated into tags that build those elements for you....

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Creating a Navigation Menu With the liferay-ui:icon-list Tag

The navigation for your site can have a huge impact on how people interact with it. Poorly designed navigation can ruin even the best of content, causing people to run screaming from your site to...

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Creating Tooltips with the Liferay UI Icon Help Tag

An unfamiliar UI can be tricky to navigate. Your users can feel as though they are lost in a jungle, wandering around aimlessly, desperately trying to get their bearings. The liferay-ui tag library...

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