Making Configurable Theme Settings

Theme settings allow you to give Administrators control over the elements of the page without having to touch any of the code directly.

Theme settings can then be modified on a site-wide or a page by page basis. With a few simple clicks of the mouse, an Admin can remove and add theme elements you’ve created settings for.

Now that you know what theme settings can provide, you can learn how to configure them next.

Configuring liferay-look-and-feel.xml

First, you’ll need to identify the theme elements you want to make configurable. In the case of the Lunar Resort, you want to make the Breadcrumbs, Portlet borders, and Page Title elements...

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Configuring init_custom.ftl

So far you’ve added the theme settings to the Look and Feel menu in Liferay. In this section you’ll add the logic to the theme settings. Open init_custom.ftl and insert the following code: <#assign...

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Setting Theme Settings for an Individual Page

For most pages, you’ll set the default theme settings so they work for the majority of your site. For some pages, however, you may want settings different from the defaults. This is where...

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Creating Language Keys for Your Theme Settings

To create custom language keys, you must create a hook plugin to modify Follow the steps below to create the hook: Open IDE/Developer Studio and goto File → New → Liferay...

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