OpenSocial is a public specification for creating web applications using standard technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It was originally developed by Google, Myspace, and others to standardize common social networking API’s but has evolved into a general platform for building web applications. Whereas “standard” applications work with data on a per-user basis, “social” applications share data within well defined networks, facilitating communication of information between groups of users. OpenSocial applications, called gadgets, are similar to portlets because they can be added to your portal’s pages and used for all kinds of tasks. Gadgets are characterized as being simple, widely available, and easy to deploy.

Sending PubSub Messages Between Gadgets and Portlets

The Portal Directory hook required for the portlet-to-gadget tutorial is available here:...

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Using the Gadget Editor

As part of Liferay’s OpenSocial integration, the OpenSocial Gadget Editor is included with Liferay Portal. The gadget editor is a complete development environment for gadgets, providing syntax...

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