Developing with the Plugins SDK

Java developers use a wide variety of tools and development environments. Liferay makes every effort to remain tool agnostic, so you can choose the tools that work best for you. For convenience, Liferay IDE includes a bundled Liferay Plugins Software Development Kit (SDK) but you can use the Liferay Plugins SDK all by itself. The Plugins SDK leverages Apache Ant as its build tool and can be used along with any text editor or Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Setting Up the Plugins SDK

This tutorial explains how to install and configure the Liferay Plugins SDK and its dependencies. The Plugins SDK requires Liferay Portal. If you haven’t already installed a Liferay bundle, follow...

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Using the Plugins SDK

This tutorial describes the Plugins SDK’s directory structure and project Ant targets, demonstrates how to create plugin projects, and shows how to deploy them. By learning the SDK’s directory...

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