How many times have you deleted something only to realize it was a mistake? Does the app you’re working on have a delete function? If so, you can add the ability to move items into a recycle bin. Have you been looking for an easy way to implement this capability in your app? Fortunately, you can, with Liferay’s Recycle Bin.

The Recycle Bin tutorials use code from Liferay’s Jukebox Portlet to demonstrate implementing the Recycle Bin in an app. The Jukebox Portlet plugin encompasses three portlets: Songs, Albums, and Artists. These portlets work together, letting the Jukebox user upload songs to the portal. You can categorize the songs by album and artist. You can move the Jukebox portlet’s songs and albums to and from the Recycle Bin.

Using the Jukebox Portlet as an example, you’ll learn to implement recycling capabilities in your application.

Moving Entries to the Recycle Bin

This tutorial covers how to add the ability to move your app’s entries to the Recycle Bin. Figure 1: You can easily create a way to move your app’s entries to the Recycle Bin. Here are the steps...

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Restoring Entries from the Recycle Bin

This tutorial covers how to implement restoring entries from the Recycle Bin. If you haven’t yet implemented the framework for using the Recycle Bin in your apps, refer to the tutorial Moving...

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Implementing the Undo Functionality

Sometimes, users accidentally send the wrong entry to the Recycle Bin. It seems kind of grueling to navigate away from your page to the Recycle Bin to restore the item, just to go back to where you...

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Moving and Restoring Parent Entities

What happens if you need to trash a parent entity, such as a parent wiki page, or a web content folder full of articles? Don’t sweat it. Moving parent entries to and from the Recycle Bin is similar...

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Resolving Recycling Conflicts

The Conflict Resolution framework helps Liferay users identify and solve conflicts in the Recycle Bin. The most common conflict for the Recycle Bin is duplicate naming. For instance, say you create...

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