The Java portlet standard defines a simple security scheme using portlet roles and their mapping to portal roles. On top of this, Liferay provides a fine-grained permissions system that you can use to implement access security in your portlets. Here, you’ll find an overview of the standard Java security system, Liferay’s permission system, and you’ll learn how to use them in your own portlets.

This section’s tutorials cover the following topics:

  • Using Portal Roles in a Portlet

  • Adding Permissions to Resources

  • Adding and Deleting Resources

  • Exposing the Permission Interface to Users

  • Checking Permissions

  • Creating a Custom Action Key

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Using Portal Roles in a Portlet

“A role, a role, my portal for a role!” Don’t worry, using portal roles in your portlets isn’t too difficult. Roles in Liferay Portal are the primary means for granting or restricting access to...

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Adding Permissions to Resources

Public bulletin boards are great. Anyone can inform others of just about anything. On the other hand, anyone can post just about anything on the bulletin board. Some of this content might not be...

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Adding and Deleting Resources

Liferay provides a system that allows you to implement permissions for your custom portlets. The first step in implementing permissions is to define all resources and the actions that can be...

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Exposing the Permission Interface to Users

Imagine that you bought a really nice electric guitar. Now imagine that you bought an even nicer amplifier to go along with it. You get them home, and much to the chagrin of your neighbors, you get...

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Checking Permissions

When implementing permissions for a custom portlet, your last step is to ensure that the configured permissions are enforced. You can achieve this by adding permission checks to your application....

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Controlling Access with Configurable Portlet Preferences

As a Liferay application developer, using Liferay’s permissions system isn’t your only option for controlling access to the features of your application. You can allow access to your portlet’s...

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