In this portion of the Learning Path, you’ll create the foundation for the Lunar Resort theme. You’ll learn the proper workflow and directory structure needed to create a theme. Finally, you’ll modify the default portal/_normal.ftl and navigation.ftl templates to match the Lunar Resort mock up.

A theme mock up serves as a guide for what the finished theme will look like:


Figure 1: By the end of this Learning Path, you’ll have developed this theme.

To get started, download the resources you’ll need to go through each exercise and unzip them to a folder of your choice.

Now you can go ahead and jump right into creating the theme project!

Creating a Theme Project

The rest of this Learning Path assumes you’ve followed the instructions for setting up Liferay IDE or Liferay Developer Studio. If you’ve done that, you’re ready to begin! Select File → New →...

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Setting Up the Theme’s Directory Structure

+$$$ Note: This step assumes you’ve downloaded and unzipped the resources needed to set up the theme. This was mentioned in the introduction to this step. Your theme’s directory structure should...

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The HTML Structure of portal_normal.ftl

The portal_normal.ftl file is a template through which all the portlets on a Liferay site are rendered. Look at the figure below to see what the finished HTML structure will look like: Figure 1:...

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Modifying Theme Templates

In this section, you’ll add some touches to portal_normal.ftl and navigation.ftl to match the finished mock up for the Lunar Resort. Open portal_normal.ftl and find the ...

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