Using Xamarin with Liferay Screens

Liferay Screens for Android and iOS lets you use Screenlets to develop native mobile apps on each platform. Screenlets are complete visual components that you insert in your app to leverage Liferay Portal’s content and services. As of Liferay Screens 3.0, you can use Screenlets with Xamarin to develop hybrid mobile apps for Android and iOS.

The tutorials in this section show you how to develop hybrid mobile apps using Liferay Screens and Xamarin. You’ll start by preparing your Xamarin project for Screens. You’ll then learn how to use Screenlets in Xamarin, customize their appearance, and more.

Preparing Xamarin Projects for Liferay Screens

To use Liferay Screens with Xamarin, you must install Screens in your Xamarin project. You must then configure your project to communicate with your Liferay Portal instance. Note that Liferay...

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Using Screenlets in Xamarin Apps

You can start using Screenlets once you’ve prepared your Xamarin project to use Liferay Screens. The Screenlet reference documentation describes the available Screenlets: Screenlets in Liferay...

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Using Views in Xamarin.Android

You can use a Liferay Screens View to set a Screenlet’s look and feel independent of the Screenlet’s core functionality. Liferay’s Screenlets come with several Views, and more are being developed...

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Using Themes in Xamarin.iOS

Themes in Xamarin.iOS are analogous to Views in Xamarin.Android. Like Views, Themes let you set a Screenlet’s look and feel independent of the Screenlet’s core functionality. Liferay’s Screenlets...

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Creating Xamarin Views and Themes

Recall that Views in Xamarin.Android and Themes in Xamarin.iOS are analogous components that let you customize a Screenlet’s look and feel. You can use the Views and Themes provided by Liferay...

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Liferay Screens for Xamarin Troubleshooting and FAQs

Even though Liferay developed Liferay Screens for Xamarin with great care, you may still run into some common issues. This tutorial lists tips and solutions for these issues, as well as answers to...

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