Writing a Data-Driven JSF Application

A common way to store data in an application is to use a database. In this learning path, you’ll learn how to turn the Guestbook into a database-driven application.

Before you begin developing the guestbook’s buttons and actions, you’ll generate the persistence framework using Service Builder. By using Service Builder, you create a persistence layer and service layer that are responsible for retrieving your model data.

Generating a Persistence Framework Using Service Builder

If you’ve read the MVC learning path, it goes specifically through creating a persistence framework for the MVC version of the guestbook portlet; but could you follow the same steps for a JSF...

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Integrating Your Persistence Framework

Now that you’ve generated your persistence framework, its time to integrate it into your JSF guestbook so you can use it. On the persistence side of things, Service Builder has generated all the...

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Creating Managed Beans to Use Services

Now that your persistence and service layers are created, it’s time to create your managed beans to store and retrieve guestbooks and guestbook entries for your users. You may be wondering what a...

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Implementing a UI with JSF Views

Your services and managed beans are all set for action, but how will your users interact with the portlet? You’ll need to implement a user interface for your users to interact with using JSF views....

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