Writing a JSF Application Using Liferay Faces

If you’re just getting started with Liferay Faces development, you’ve come to the right place. This learning path starts with creating a JSF portlet and drives down the path of useful JSF features, exploring how each feature is implemented in a Liferay portlet. You’ll begin by creating your own JSF portlet from scratch, deploying it, and developing it into a Guestbook portlet.

Before beginning, make sure you have a Liferay development environment installed. You can learn how to install Liferay IDE or Liferay Developer Studio in the Beginning Liferay Development learning path. Though you can use the command line or any Java IDE that’s available, Liferay provides these development tools, which make it much easier to write code on Liferay’s platform. You’ll use it throughout the development process for the JSF Guestbook portlet.

Besides developing a JSF application from scratch, you’ll learn about the Liferay Faces initiative and Liferay Faces sub-projects like Liferay Faces Alloy, Liferay Faces Bridge, and Liferay Faces Portal. You’ll discover just how easy and useful Liferay Faces makes deploying plugins to Liferay Portal.

Beginning Development with Liferay Faces

Getting started with a JSF application for Liferay is very easy. This learning path guides you step-by-step through creating and developing a JSF application. In particular, you’ll develop a...

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Writing a Data-Driven JSF Application

A common way to store data in an application is to use a database. In this learning path, you’ll learn how to turn the Guestbook into a database-driven application. Before you begin developing the...

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Setting Permissions Using JSF

To this point, your guestbook application is able to create guestbooks and guestbook entries and store them as data to the database. However, everyone that visits your site has the ability to do...

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Creating Your JSF Application’s Entity Actions

To this point, you’ve created a JSF guestbook application that uses a database to store its entries. Also, the application is integrated with Liferay’s permissions mechanism, allowing you to...

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Adding a JSF Portlet to the Control Panel

Up to this point, you’ve created a fully-functional, data-driven JSF application using Service Builder. You’ve also created managed beans and JSF views to enhance your portlet’s functionality and...

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