The Adaptive Media app on Liferay Marketplace lets administrators tailor the quality of images in Liferay Portal to the device viewing those images. For information on using this app, see the Adaptive Media user guide.

But what if you want to leverage Adaptive Media in your own app? Then you’re in the right place! The tutorials in this section explain how to use adapted images in your app. You’ll also learn how to change Adaptive Media’s image processing.


Displaying Adapted Images in Your App

To display adapted images in your apps, Adaptive Media offers a convenient taglib in the module This taglib only has one mandatory attribute: fileVersion....

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Finding Adapted Images

In most cases, you can rely on the Adaptive Media taglib to display adapted images in your app. This taglib uses the file version you give it to query Adaptive Media’s finder API and display the...

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Changing Adaptive Media’s Image Scaling

As described in the Adaptive Media user guide, Adaptive Media scales images to match the image resolutions defined by the Liferay Portal administrator. The default scaling is usually suitable, but...

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