What are back-end frameworks? Are they important? If so, why aren’t they up-front and center in the docs? Good questions.

Back-end frameworks are analogous to supporting actors and actresses in show business. They fill out the stories in films we know and love. As actors bring richness and life to their films, Liferay’s powerful back-end frameworks bring essential services and deliver terrific performances of their own. Here are some of the frameworks:

  • Device Recognition
  • Message Bus

These frameworks and more deliver smashing performances and are stars in their own right.

Device Recognition API

As you know, Internet traffic has risen exponentially over the past decade, and this trend shows no sign of stopping. In addition, the bulk of Internet traffic now comes from mobile devices. The...

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Message Bus

If you ever need to do some data processing outside the scope of the web’s request/response, look no further than the Message Bus. It’s conceptually similar to Java Messaging Service (JMS) Topics,...

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