Many applications provide users a way of setting preferences for their use. In Liferay Portal, this could be as simple as setting a location for a weather display or as complex as settings for a mail or a time sheet application.

The Portlet standard defines an API for portlet preferences that can be used for this sort of thing, but it’s limited and for that reason isn’t used much. Instead, many developers have tended to create their own methods for configuring their applications.

But that isn’t necessary anymore: now there’s a configuration API that’s easy to use and full-featured. It’s used throughout Liferay Portal’s applications, and because we like it, we think you’ll like it too.

The following tutorials show you how to use it.

Making Your Applications Configurable

This tutorial explains how to make your applications configurable. It starts with basic configuration and then covers some advanced use cases. Note that the methods described here are not...

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Implementing Configuration Actions

When developing an application, it’s important to think about the different configuration options that your application should support. It’s also important to think about how users should be able...

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Transitioning from Portlet Preferences to the Configuration API

This tutorial describes how to take an existing portlet developed for Liferay Portal 6.2 or prior, which uses portlet preferences to allow administrators to configure the portlet, and convert it to...

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