Configuring Your Application’s Title and Back Link

For Liferay Portal CE 7.0 administration applications, the title should be moved to the inner views of the app and the associated back link should be moved to the portlet titles.

If you open the Blogs Admin application in the Control Panel and add a new blog entry, you’ll see this behavior in action:


Figure 1: Adding a new blog entry displays the portlet title at the top, along with a back link.

This tutorial uses the Blogs Admin application’s edit_entry.jsp as an example.

Follow these steps to configure your app’s title and back URL:

  1. Use ParamUtil to retrieve the redirect for the URL:

    String redirect = ParamUtil.getString(request, "redirect");
  2. Display the back icon and set the back URL to the redirect:

  3. Finally, set the title using the renderResponse.setTitle() method, as shown in the example configuration below:

    renderResponse.setTitle((entry != null) ? entry.getTitle() : 
    LanguageUtil.get(request, "new-blog-entry"));

The example above provides a title for two scenarios:

  • If an existing blog entry is being updated, the blog’s title is displayed.
  • Otherwise it defaults to New Blog Entry since a new blog entry is being created.

You should also update any back links in the view to use the redirect. For example the edit_entry.jsp form’s cancel button redirects the user:

<aui:button cssClass="btn-lg" href="<%= redirect %>" name="cancelButton" 
type="cancel" />

Now you know how to configure your app’s title and back URL!

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