So far, you’ve installed and set up Liferay IDE, and created a Liferay Workspace. Next, you’ll create your application and start adding basic features to it. Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Create your application and deploy it to your Liferay Portal instance.
  • Create a functional button for adding and removing guestbook entries.
  • Create a form for users to create and edit guestbook entries.
  • Create a UI for displaying guestbook entries.
  • Implement a prototype storage system (to be replaced later) for storing guestbook entries.

At the end, you’ll have a fully functional prototype application ready to be enhanced later! There’s no time like now to get started.

Let’s Go!

Writing Your First Liferay Portal Application

Developing Your First Portlet Step 1 of 8 It’s easy to get started developing your first Liferay Portal application. Here, you’ll learn step-by-step how to create your project and deploy your...

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Creating an Add Entry Button

Developing Your First Portlet Step 2 of 8 A guestbook application is pretty simple, right? People come to your site and post their names and brief messages. Other users can read these entries and...

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Generating Portlet URLs

Developing Your First Portlet Step 3 of 8 Recall that users can place multiple portlets on a single page. As a developer, you have no idea what other portlets will share a page with yours. This...

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Linking to Another Page

Developing Your First Portlet Step 4 of 8 In the same folder your view.jsp is in, create the edit_entry.jsp file: Right-click your project’s src/main/resources/META-INF/resources folder and choose...

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Triggering Portlet Actions

Developing Your First Portlet Step 5 of 8 Recall that portlets run in a portion of a page, and a page can contain multiple portlets. Because of this, portlets have phases of operation. Here, you’ll...

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Creating a Form

Developing Your First Portlet Step 6 of 8 The form for creating guestbook entries is pretty simple. All you need are two fields: one for the name of the person submitting the entry, and one for the...

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Implementing Portlet Actions

Developing Your First Portlet Step 7 of 8 When users submit the form, your application stores the form data for display in the guestbook. To keep this first application simple, you’ll implement...

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Displaying Guestbook Entries

Developing Your First Portlet Step 8 of 8 To display guestbook entries, you must do the reverse of what you did to store them: retrieve them from portlet preferences, loop through them, and present...

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