Creating Projects with IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA provides a New Liferay Modules wizard to create a variety of different module projects. You can also use the same wizard to create theme projects, WAR-style projects, and more. Before beginning, ensure you’ve created/imported a Liferay Workspace in your IntelliJ environment. Follow the steps below to create a Liferay Portal module:

  1. Navigate to FileNewLiferay Module.


    Figure 1: Selecting Liferay Module opens the New Liferay Modules wizard.

  2. Select the project you want to create. Although the wizard characterizes itself for modules, there are many available projects that are not OSGi-based modules (e.g., theme, war-mvc-portlet, etc.). See the Project Templates reference section for more information on the available templates.


    Figure 2: Choose the project template to create your module.

  3. Configure your project’s SDK (i.e., JDK), package name, class name, and service name, if necessary. Then click Next.

  4. Give your project a name. Then click Finish.

Awesome! Your project is available under its project type folder in your workspace.

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