In Liferay Portal, portlets let you add functionality and themes let you style your sites. But how do you modify and add to existing functionality in Liferay Portal and portlets? How do you change their content? The Customizing tutorials answer these questions and demonstrate how to affect your site in the following ways:

  • Add, modify, or remove content from Liferay Portal and portlets
  • Modify behavior
  • Perform actions that respond to events

Overriding Core JSPs

Not to beat a dead horse, but Liferay is modularized to a great extent, so most of the JSPs you might want to override are no longer in Liferay’s core. However, there are still some that you might...

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Overriding App JSPs

Liferay applications often contain JSPs. Sometimes you might need to override one of them. If you need to override the JSPs from a module deployed to the OSGi runtime, you need a fragment module...

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Overriding Liferay Portal’s Default YUI and AUI Modules

Liferay Portal contains several default YUI/AUI modules. You may need to override functionality provided by these module’s scripts. It’s possible to override JSPs using fragments, but you can’t...

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Overriding Liferay Services (Service Wrappers)

Why might you need to customize Liferay services? Perhaps you’ve added a custom field to Liferay’s User object and you want its value to be saved whenever the addUser or updateUser methods of...

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Overriding Language Keys

Liferay Portal Core and portlet module language*.properties files implement site internationalization. They’re fully customizable, too. This tutorial demonstrates this in the following topics:...

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Overriding MVC Commands

MVC Commands are used to break up the controller layer of a Liferay MVC application into smaller, more digestible code chunks. Sometimes you’ll want to override an MVC command, whether it’s in a...

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Overriding lpkg files

Applications are delivered through Liferay Marketplace as lpkg files. This is a simple compressed file format that contains .jar files to be deployed to Liferay Portal. If you want to examine an...

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Creating Model Listeners

Model Listeners implement the ModelListener interface. They are used to listen for persistence events on models and do something in response (either before or after the event). Model listeners were...

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