Your module goes through various stages of development, because you’re constantly trying to improve it. You add new features, remove features, enhance features, reorganize the code, and do whatever you can to respond to what your users want and make your module the best it can be. To transition users to new and improved versions of your module, you need to take them through the process of upgrading.

Liferay provides a robust data upgrade framework for you to use. Here you’ll learn how to create a data upgrade process.

Creating Data Upgrade Processes for Modules

Some changes you make to a module involve modifying the database. These changes bring with them the need for an upgrade process to move your module’s database from one version to the next. Liferay...

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Upgrading Data Schemas in Development

As you develop modules, you might need to iterate through several database schema changes. Before you release new module versions with your finalized schema changes, you must create a formal data...

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