Deploying Modules with Liferay IDE

Deploying modules in Liferay IDE is a cinch. Before deploying your module, make sure you have a Liferay server configured in IDE. To see how to do this, see the Installing a Server in Liferay IDE

There are two ways to deploy a module to your Liferay server. You should start your Liferay server before attempting to deploy to it.

  1. Select the module from the Package Explorer window and drag it to your Liferay server in the Servers window.


    Figure 1: You can use the drag-and-drop method to deploy your module to Liferay Portal.

  2. Right-click the server from the Servers window and select Add and Remove…. Add the module(s) you’d like to deploy from the Available window to the Configured window. Then click Finish.


    Figure 2: Using the this deployment method is convenient when deploying multiple module projects.

That’s it! Once your module is deployed to the Liferay server, you can verify its installation in IDE’s Console window.

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