Forms are a must-have tool in any developer’s UI bag. Rather than write your HTML from scratch, Liferay provides you with taglibs that offer everything standard HTML elements have, as well as some additional attributes that are Liferay specific. For a full list of all the available taglibs and attributes, look at Liferay’s API docs on

Using a combination of Liferay’s AUI taglibs and Lexicon classes, you can create forms in your app’s JSPs. You can learn how to create an MVC portlet project in the using-the-mvc-portlet-template tutorial.

In this section of tutorials, you’ll learn how to use the platform features to create forms with ease.

Forms and Validation

Creating forms is easy and flexible, thanks to Liferay Portal’s form, input, and validation tags. The tag sets up the necessary code (HTML, JS), uses Liferay JavaScript APIs, calls the...

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Creating Forms with Liferay’s Taglibs

This tutorial demonstrates how to: Create a form using Liferay Portal CE 7.0’s taglibs in your application’s JSPs To begin, take a look at the Portlet Configuration application’s...

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Form Navigator Extensions

Some data-centric applications require the creation of large data-entry forms. Examples abound in healthcare, transportation, pharmaceutical, or any other heavily regulated industry. For these...

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Creating Form Navigator Contexts

Form Navigator System Settings let you specify what categories and sections are visible in your forms. You can learn how to set Form Navigator System Settings in Configuring Form Navigator Forms....

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