Liferay Portal offers a powerful set of taglibs that are fully maintained and integrated. They provide common implementations for UI components and utilities to ensure that your apps, themes, and web content behave in a very clean and efficient way.

In this section of tutorials, you’ll learn how to use Liferay Portal’s taglibs to build awesome user interfaces.

Using the Liferay UI Taglib

You can create a lot of components using the Liferay UI taglibs. Liferay Portal’s taglibs provide the following benefits to your markup: Consistent Responsive Accessible across your portlets The...

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Using the Liferay Util Taglib

The Liferay Util taglib is used to pull in other resources into a portlet or theme, it can be used to dictate which resources need to be inserted at the bottom or top of the HTML source. Using...

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