Generating a JSF Project Using IDE

You can generate a Liferay Faces application without having to create your own folder structure and descriptor files manually using Liferay IDE. If you’re interested in creating the structure of a JSF application manually or if you want to examine a basic JSF application structure, visit the Creating a JSF Project Manually tutorial.

In this tutorial, you’ll generate an example JSF project using Liferay IDE. Open your IDE instance to get started.

  1. Navigate to FileNewProject…. This opens a new project wizard.

  2. Select the Liferay project and choose Liferay JSF Project from the listed subprojects. Then click Next.


    Figure 1: Choose the Liferay JSF Project option to begin creating a JSF project in IDE.

  3. Assign your JSF project a name, build framework (Gradle or Maven), and Component Suite. You have five component suites to choose from:

    • ICEFaces
    • JSF Standard
    • Liferay Faces Alloy
    • PrimeFaces
    • RichFaces


    Figure 2: Choose your preferred options for your JSF project.

  4. Click Finish to generate your Liferay JSF project.

You’ve generated a Liferay JSF project using IDE! The project you generated contains a simple portlet that you can customize.


Figure 3: The generated JSF portlet project displays basic build information.

To deploy the new JSF project to your Liferay Portal instance, drag and drop it onto the Liferay server.

Fantastic! You’re now able to quickly generate your Liferay JSF project using Liferay IDE!

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