Are you craving more than Liferay Portal’s default page layouts? Do you have a special use case that a default layout template doesn’t meet? Well, look no further. Create your own Layout Template! Layout templates allow you to set the rows and columns of a page and determine where content can be placed.

In this section of tutorials, you’ll learn how to develop layout templates for Liferay Portal.

Layout Templates with the Liferay Theme Generator

Layout Templates specify how content is arranged on your site pages in Liferay Portal. For example, take a look at the 1-2-1 Columns Layout CE layout shown below: Figure 1: The 1-2-1 Columns Layout...

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Creating Layout Templates Manually

You can use the Liferay Theme Generator to generate Layout Templates automatically. This is covered in the Layout Templates with the Liferay Theme Generator tutorial. You may, however, want to...

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