Maven is a viable option for managing Liferay projects if you don’t want to use Liferay’s default Gradle management system. Liferay provides several Maven plugins to let you generate and manage your project. Liferay also provides Maven artifacts that are easy to obtain and are required for Liferay Maven module development. In the Maven tutorials, you’ll learn how to

  • Install Liferay Maven artifacts.
  • Generate Liferay projects using Maven archetypes.
  • Create a Module JAR using Maven.
  • Deploy a module built with Maven to Liferay Portal.
  • Create a remote repository for Maven projects.
  • Deploy a Maven project to a remote repository.
  • Use Service Builder in a Maven project.
  • Compile Sass files in a Maven project.
  • Build a Liferay theme in a Maven project.
  • Leverage the Maven Workspace.

Because Liferay Portal is tool agnostic, Maven is fully supported for Liferay Portal development. Read on to learn more!

Installing Liferay Maven Artifacts

To create Liferay modules using Maven, you’ll need the archives required by Liferay (e.g., JAR and WAR files). This isn’t a problem–Liferay provides them as Maven artifacts. You can get the Liferay...

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Generating New Projects Using Archetypes

Creating Maven projects from scratch can be a lot of work. What dependencies does my Liferay portlet project need? What does a Liferay Maven Service Builder project look like? How do I create a...

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Creating a Module JAR Using Maven

If you have an existing Liferay module built with Maven that you created from scratch, or you’re upgrading your Maven project from a previous version of Liferay, your project probably can’t...

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Deploying a Module Built with Maven to Liferay Portal

There are two ways to deploy a Maven-built Liferay module: Copy your generated Maven module JAR to your Liferay Portal instance’s /deploy folder. Configure your Maven project to deploy to the...

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Creating a Maven Repository

You’ll frequently want to share Liferay artifacts and modules with teammates or manage your repositories using a GUI. Sonatype Nexus is a valuable tool for managing your repositories. It’s a Maven...

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Deploying Liferay Maven Artifacts to a Repository

Deploying artifacts to a remote repository is important if you intend to share your Maven projects with others. First, you must have a remote repository that can hold deployed Maven artifacts. If...

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Using Service Builder in a Maven Project

Liferay’s Service Builder is a model-driven service generation tool that is frequently used by many Liferay module projects. If you have a Liferay Maven project, you may be wondering if Service...

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Compiling Sass Files in a Maven Project

If your Liferay Maven project uses Sass files to style its UI, you must configure the project to convert its Sass files into CSS files so they are recognizable for Maven’s build lifecycle. It would...

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Building Themes in a Maven Project

Liferay’s Theme Builder is a tool used to build Liferay Portal theme files in your project. You can incorporate the Theme Builder into your Maven project to generate WAR-style themes deployable to...

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Maven Workspace

A Liferay Maven Workspace is a generated environment that is built to hold and manage Liferay projects built with Maven. This workspace aids in Liferay project management by applying various Maven...

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