Liferay Portal has more extension points than ever, and connecting existing hook plugins to them takes very few steps. In most cases, after you upgrade your hook using Liferay IDE’s Code Upgrade Tool, it’s ready to run on Liferay Portal CE 7.0. The following tutorials show you how to upgrade each type of hook plugin.

Upgrading Core JSP Hooks

Getting a core JSP hook running on Liferay Portal CE 7.0 takes two steps: Adapt your code to Liferay Portal CE 7.0’s API using Liferay IDE’s Code Upgrade Tool. Deploy your hook plugin. Liferay...

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Upgrading App JSP Hooks

JSPs in OSGi modules are customized using module fragments. The module fragment attaches to the host module to alter the JSPs. To the OSGi runtime, the fragment is part of the host module. Section...

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Upgrading Service Wrappers

Upgrading traditional service wrapper hook plugins to Liferay Portal CE 7.0 is quick and easy. Use Liferay IDE’s Code Upgrade Tool to adapt the plugin’s code to Liferay Portal CE 7.0’s API. Deploy...

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Upgrading Core Language Key Hooks

Here are the steps for upgrading a core language key hook to Liferay Portal CE 7.0. Create a new module based on the Blade sample resource-bundle in Gradle or Maven. Here are the main parts of the...

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Upgrading Portlet Language Key Hooks

You can upgrade your portlet language key hooks to Liferay Portal CE 7.0 by following these steps: Create a new module based on the Blade sample resource-bundle (Gradle or Maven project). Here are...

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Upgrading Model Listener Hooks

Developers have been creating model listeners for several Liferay Portal versions. Upgrading Model Listener Hooks from previous portal versions has never been easier. Adapt your plugin to Liferay...

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Upgrading Servlet Filter Hooks

If you have Servlet Filter Hooks ready to be upgraded, this tutorial’s for you. The process is quite simple: Adapt your plugin to Liferay Portal CE 7.0’s API using Liferay IDE’s Code Upgrade Tool....

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Upgrading Portal Property and Event Action Hooks

All portal properties in Liferay Portal 6.2 that are also used in Liferay Portal CE 7.0 can be overridden. Portal property and portal event action hooks that use these properties can be upgraded to...

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Converting StrutsActionWrappers to MVCCommands

Since Liferay Portal 6.1, developers could customize the Portal and Portlet Struts Actions using a Hook and StrutsActionWrappers. For example, the liferay-hook.xml file for a hook that overrode the...

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