Upgrading Plugins to Liferay Portal CE 7.0

The plugin upgrade tutorials guide you through a process of making the minimal changes necessary for existing plugins to work in Liferay Portal CE 7.0. This group of tutorials starts by covering the most common cases, and there are more tutorials to come that cover more specific cases, including those based on feedback. Upgrade tutorials for all plugin types are on their way, including guidance for adapting to Liferay framework changes and upgrading hook plugins that implement common customizations.

The tutorials will cover upgrading all existing plugin types and templates:

  • Portlet plugins
  • Hook plugins
  • Ext plugins
  • Theme plugins
  • Layout Templates
  • FreeMarker and Velocity Templates

The first upgrade process step is to adapt your existing plugin’s code to Liferay Portal CE 7.0’s APIs. The great news is that Liferay’s Code Upgrade Tool makes this easier than ever. It identifies Liferay API changes affecting your code, explains the API changes, and offers resolution steps. And the tool offers auto-correction where it can.

You might be tempted to optimize your existing plugins right away to benefit from the new things Liferay Portal offers, but you shouldn’t. It’s much better to upgrade your plugins according to these tutorials. In this way, you’ll get your plugins running in Liferay as fast as possible, and at the same time you’ll have prepared the plugins for the optimizations you can implement later.

You’ll start with adapting existing plugin code to Liferay Portal CE 7.0’s API.

Adapting to Liferay Portal CE 7.0’s API with the Code Upgrade Tool

Note: This tutorial assumes you’re using Liferay IDE 3.1.x or 3.2.x. You can use later versions of the Code Upgrade Tool to upgrade your 6.2 plugins to Liferay Portal CE 7.0, but the option to...

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Resolving a Plugin’s Dependencies

Now that you’ve imported your plugin project to Liferay IDE, you probably see compile errors for some of the Liferay classes it uses. These classes are listed as undefined classes or unresolved...

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Upgrading the Liferay Maven Build

If you’re an avid Maven user and have been using it for Liferay Portal 6.2 project development, you must upgrade your Maven build to be compatible with Liferay Portal CE 7.0 development. There are...

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Upgrading Portlet Plugins

All portlet plugin types developed for Liferay Portal 6 can be upgraded and deployed to Liferay Portal CE 7.0. Upgrading most portlets involves these steps: Adapt the code to Liferay Portal CE...

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Upgrading Hook Plugins

Liferay Portal has more extension points than ever, and connecting existing hook plugins to them takes very few steps. In most cases, after you upgrade your hook using Liferay IDE’s Code Upgrade...

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Upgrading Themes

If you’ve developed themes in Liferay Portal 6.1 or Liferay Portal 6.2, as part of your upgrade you’ll want to use them in Liferay Portal CE 7.0. The upgrade process requires several modifications....

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Upgrading Layout Templates

Layout templates for Liferay Portal CE 7.0 differ slightly from layout templates for Liferay Portal 6. The layout template’s rows and columns are affected by Bootstrap’s new grid system syntax....

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