Enabling Staging and Export/Import

Your Guestbook application creates guestbooks and entries that are immediately published when they’re saved. Sites constantly change, however, so it’s crucial to have an area where updates can be planned and tested before publishing to your audience. Staging enables changing your Site behind the scenes without affecting the live Site. When you’re done, you can publish all the changes at once.

Next, you’ll implement Staging support in your Guestbook app so its entries can be tracked during the Staging phase of your publishing process.


Figure 1: Once Staging is implemented in your Guestbook app, you can have its data tracked by the Staging framework.


Figure 2: A Staging-enabled Guestbook app can be modified on the staged site first without any users seeing it on the live Site.

Export/Import facilitates extracting data so it can be imported into another Liferay Portal installation. Behind the scenes, Export/Import is used during the Staging process. When publishing your staged content to the live Site, you’re essentially importing content from the staged Site and exporting it to the live Site. Since the Export/Import framework is programmatically similar to Staging, you can implement it with Staging.

Ready to support Staging in your Guestbook app?

Let’s Go!

Creating Staged Models

Enabling Staging and Export/Import Step 1 of 7 To implement the Staging framework, you must first specify the entities you want to track. For the Guestbook application, there are two: Guestbooks...

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Creating the Entry Staged Model Data Handler

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Creating the Guestbook Staged Model Data Handler

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Updating Permissions to Support Staging

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Configuring XStream

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Defining System Events for Deletions

Enabling Staging and Export/Import Step 6 of 7 The Staging framework tracks entity modifications in a few different ways. Actions like adding a guestbook or editing an entry are tracked...

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Creating the Portlet Data Handler

Enabling Staging and Export/Import Step 7 of 7 A Portlet Data Handler imports/exports portlet-specific data to a LAR file. Its primary role is to query and coordinate between staged model data...

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