You have access to a powerful set of taglibs for creating commonly used UI components in your apps. The following taglibs are covered in this section of tutorials:

  • Chart: visualizes data. You can create bar charts, line charts, scatter charts, spline charts, and much more.

  • Clay: lets you add Clay components, such as alerts, buttons, drop-down menus, form elements, and more to your apps.

  • Frontend: Lets you create UI components commonly used throughout Portal’s apps, such as add menus, cards, management bars, and more.

  • Liferay UI: lets you create common UI components such as icons, tabs, and more.

In this section of tutorials, you’ll learn how to use taglibs to build awesome user interfaces for your apps!

Using the Liferay UI Taglib

The Liferay UI tag library provides tags that implement commonly used UI components. These tags make your markup consistent, responsive, and accessible. You can find a list of the available...

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Using Liferay Front-end Taglibs in Your Portlet

The Liferay Front-end tag library provides a set of tags for creating common front-end UI components in your app. To use the Front-end taglib, add the following declaration to your JSP: <%@ taglib...

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Using the Clay Taglib in Your portlets

The Liferay Clay tag library provides a set of tags for creating Clay UI components in your app. Note: AUI taglibs are deprecated as of Liferay Portal CE 7.1. We recommend that you use Clay taglibs...

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Using the Chart Taglib in Your Portlets

Lines, splines, bars, pies and more, the Chart tag Library provides everything you need to model data. Each taglib gives you access to the corresponding Clay component. These components contain the...

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