Importing Resources with a Theme

To truly appreciate a theme, you must view it with content. Showcasing a theme in the proper context is key to communicating the true intentions of its design. Who better to do this than the theme’s designer? Designers can provide a sample context that optimizes the design of their themes. The Resources Importer does this for you.

The Resources Importer module lets theme developers import files and web content with a theme. Administrators can use the site or site template created by the Resources Importer to showcase the theme. In fact, all standalone themes that are uploaded to Liferay Marketplace must use the Resources Importer. This ensures a uniform experience for Marketplace users: a user can download a theme from Marketplace, install it, go to Sites or Site Templates in the Control Panel and immediately see their new theme in action.

Using the Resources Importer involves the following steps:

This section of tutorials explains how to use the Resources Importer to import resources with your theme.

Preparing and Organizing Web Content for the Resources Importer

You must create the resources to import with your theme. You can create resources from scratch and/or bring in resources that you’ve already created. This tutorial covers how to prepare and...

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Defining Assets for the Resources Importer

The sitemap.json file defines the pages of the site or site template to import—along with the layout templates, portlets, and portlet preferences of these pages. You may also want to provide...

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Specifying Where to Import Your Theme’s Resources

By default, resources are imported into a new site template named after the theme, but you can also import resources into a new site or existing sites or site templates. This tutorial covers all...

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Creating a Sitemap for the Resources Importer

You have two options for specifying resources to be imported with your theme: a sitemap or an archive LAR file. Using a sitemap.json file is the most flexible approach, so we recommend it; unlike...

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Archiving Site Resources

Although a sitemap.json is the recommended approach for including resources with a theme, you can also export your site’s data in a LAR (Liferay Archive) file. A LAR file is version-specific; it...

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