A Theme provides the overall look and feel for a site. Themes are a combination of CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and FreeMarker templates. Although the default themes are nice, you may wish to create your own custom look and feel for your site.

Liferay Portal provides an easy-to-use tool called the Liferay Theme Generator that helps automate the theme development process, but you can use other tools and environments, such as Dev Studio CE or Blade CLI’s Theme Template to create themes.

Themes created with the Liferay Theme Generator give you access to several theme gulp tasks that offer basic functions, such as build and deploy, as well as more complex interactions, such as auto deploying when a change is made and setting the base theme.

What if you only wish to make a minor change to the overall look and feel? Let’s say you just want to change a menu animation. Instead of creating an entire theme for this single modification, you can create a Themelet. Themelets are modular, customizable, reusable, shareable pieces of code that extend a theme. They enable reusable code for themes. Instead of rewriting the code each time, you can use the same themelet in each theme.

Liferay has its own set of base themes, called styled and unstyled that create the default look and feel you see at first start. The styled theme inherits from the unstyled theme, and simply adds some additional styling on top. These same base themes are used to create a custom theme.

Using a base theme as your foundation, you can then make your customizations to the theme files. To modify the theme, mirror the folder structure of the files you wish to change and copy them into your theme. Place the modified files in the src folder of your theme if using the Liferay Theme Generator, or copy them into the _diffs folder of your theme if using Liferay IDE. Build the theme to apply the changes.

Once your theme is developed it is packaged as a WAR (Web application ARchive) file and can be deployed to the server, either manually or using build tools.

Once your theme is deployed, apply it to your pages through the Look and Feel menu.

The only limitation is your imagination.

Creating Themes

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Developing Themes

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Importing Resources with a Theme

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