Upgrading Your Theme from Liferay Portal 7.0 to 7.1

This section of tutorials guides you through the process of upgrading your 7.0 theme to run on Liferay Portal CE 7.1. While you’re at it, you should leverage theme improvements, including support for Bootstrap 4 and Lexicon 2.0.

Theme upgrades involve these steps:

  • Updating project metadata
  • Updating CSS
  • Updating theme templates

No matter the environment in which you’re developing your theme, these tutorials explain everything required to upgrade it. The easiest option is to use the gulp upgrade task. This, however, is only available for themes created with the Liferay Theme Generator. If you’re upgrading in an environment other than the themes generator, follow the other tutorials in this section to upgrade your theme manually.

Upgrading Themes Created With the Liferay Theme Generator

A Liferay Portal 7.0 theme can be upgraded to Liferay Portal CE 7.1, regardless of its project environment (Liferay Theme Generator, Plugins SDK, Maven, etc.). But a theme created with the Liferay...

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Updating Project Metadata

If your theme uses the Liferay Theme Generator, the gulp upgrade task automatically updates your theme’s metadata as part of the upgrade process. If you’re developing your theme in an environment...

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Updating CSS Code

Liferay Portal CE 7.1’s UI improvements required these CSS-related changes: Renaming CSS files Class variable changes Updating core imports The theme upgrade process involves conforming to these...

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Updating Theme Templates

Liferay Portal CE 7.1 theme templates are essentially the same as Liferay Portal 7.0 theme templates. Here are the main changes: Velocity templates were deprecated in Liferay Portal CE 7.0 and are...

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Using the Bootstrap 3 Lexicon CSS Compatibility Layer

By default, Liferay Portal includes Bootstrap 4 out-of-the-box. Bootstrap 4 has been completely rewritten and therefore includes some notable changes and compatibility updates that may be cause for...

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