Managing Liferay with Liferay Connected Services


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Liferay Connected Services (LCS) is a set of online tools and services that lets you manage and monitor your Liferay Portal EE installations. While Liferay Portal’s patching tool lets you apply fix packs and other updates, the install process is still manual. LCS simplifies this process by automatically installing any fix packs that you choose. That last point is an important one–LCS won’t install anything that you don’t specifically choose for installation. You still have control over what gets applied to your Liferay Portal installations. LCS just automates the process by enabling one-click downloading and updating. You can also use LCS to monitor the performance of your Liferay Portal instances. This includes data on pages, portlets, memory usage, JVM performance, and much more. Even better, the features of LCS work regardless of whether your Liferay Portal instance is on a single discreet server or distributed across a node. You can find more information about LCS on its official product page.

Before going any further, you should make sure that your Liferay Portal instances meet the requirements for LCS–you must be running Liferay Portal 6.2 EE.

Also, you should take note of a few key terms used throughout this guide:

  • Project: Represents a group of users belonging to a company or organization. For example, a project can consist of all the users from a project team or business unit, or it can include the entire company.
  • Environment: Represents a physical cluster of servers or a virtual or logical aggregation of servers.
  • Server: Describes a concrete portal instance. It can be a standalone server or a cluster node.

As you go through this guide, you’ll cover the following sections on LCS:

  • LCS Preconfiguration
  • Connecting to LCS
  • Using LCS

You’ll get started with the configuration steps required to use LCS with Liferay Portal.

LCS Preconfiguration

To take full advantage of Liferay Connected Services (LCS), you must first register your server with LCS. Before doing so, however, you must configure it. There are five steps: Downloading the LCS...

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Connecting to LCS

Once you’ve addressed the LCS preconfiguration steps, you’re ready to connect your Liferay Portal server to LCS. You’ll use an LCS environment token to do this: Log in to This...

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Using LCS

Once your LCS client is connected to LCS, you can get down to the business that LCS was designed for–managing and monitoring your Liferay instance. If you’re not already there, log in with your...

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